3 Signs You’re About to Make More Money

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Woman with Money3 months ago I was preparing
for a huge JV.   Up til midnight,
18-hour days, crunch time.

I vaguely noticed that my prospects were
forgetting to call, and opportunities
I’d lined up weren’t happening.

I rescheduled the JV.

Like magic, new clients
appeared out of nowhere.
Prospects started calling.
I got a request for a corporate training
and a radio interview.  People wanted my sales training tips.

One guy called to buy a product,
and said, with great good humor,
“I’m trying to give you money!”

What had stopped this flow?

I forgot to relax.

Relaxing is the No. 1 sign
that you are about to make more

I wrote about this last year, and it has
proven so true for me and my clients in
the last 12 months, that I’m writing about it

3 Signs You Are About to Make More Money

Last week I was laughing with one of the world’s leading
experts in East/West medicine, about the hypey
promises of online marketing.  She has many clients
in this field.

“You all want to make a million right now,” she

“So, how can we?” I shot back.

She paused for a second, then leaned forward
and whispered, “ Relax.”

It seems completely counter-productive.

Actually, it’s one of the signals that you are
about to make more mon.ey.

There are 3 signs that tell you you’re
about to take off.  I’ve watched it
happen to me and my clients –
so often that it’s not a coincidence.

Here are the 3 tell-tale signs…


90% of people who make a big financial
shift have had a personal experience that leaves
them deeply relaxed.

You are all of a sudden much, much calmer
than you used to be.  About everything in
your life and your business.

In fact, this is such a huge signal of success
that your friends can feel it.
It’s noticeable.

You don’t sweat the small stuff.
You laugh at bright shiny objects
but you don’t pick them up.

You start to choose the
clients you want to work with.
You don’t take everyone.
The clients you do take are a lot more fun.

When you blog or do videos,
you sound “more like you.”
You’re more authentic.
And your audience grows.

Selling High-End packages and
doubling your income in a week
leaves you jazzed and full of energy.
Not burned out and crazy.

What happened?

Something inside you let go –
because intuitively you know
you’re going to make it.

When you release, you relax.
When you relax, you let go.
When you let go, you are able to receive –
about 600% more than you were before.


2.  FUN

All of a sudden, life’s fun again.

Maybe you really like your new clients,
or you raised your rates
to five figures and it’s a thrill, or
you’re nuts about Google hangouts.

It doesn’t matter.

Fun is essential to success.
Fun is critical to mega-success.
Michael Jordan knew this.
Oprah knows it.
Richard Branson knows it.

And you’ve found a way to put
fun into your day.

When you are having fun,
you radiate.

You are 300% more attractive.
And you attract 300% more
opportunities, clients, offers, and mon.ey.

You are operating from your heart-brain,
which has more neural pathways than your
-brain.  This is a big secret of the stupendous
success achieved by world-class super-stars.
They operate from the heart-brain – first.


3.   TRUST

You’ve released your death-grip on “six figures”
and “success.”

You’ve started to trust that it will come.

Therefore, you have automatically changed the
way you relate to the world.

We change our world by our perception.
(In physics it’s called the Uncertainty Principle.)

So by the same token,
your world is no longer the same.

It is coming alive with possibilities, offers,
clients, and ideas that bring you mon.ey.

And guess what – it looks easier to you now.

You no longer agonize over every email,
every webinar, every offer.

Therefore, you are actually creating new neural pathways
that allow you to function at a higher level.

So your life really is easier.

Usually, at this stage you have chosen one
business model, one mentor, and one
dominant marketing channel.

You’ve uncluttered.

Guess what?

De-cluttering raises your IQ.

So you really are functioning at a higher level.

Do you notice one or more of these signs
in yourself?

Good.  Get ready to fly.


  1. sylvia moss says:

    Great speaking to you next week on your scheduler

  2. sylvia moss says:


  3. As always Ann – just great fun to read your wisdom! I recently told a friend that I wanted to get back into speaking as I’ve taken a back step to book my 91 yr old dad (author) for speaking gigs. I’ve completely let my platform take a back seat and felt rusty, yet also itchy to get back out there. I wanted to be paid well for it too and just threw the idea out to the Universe, let it go and forgot about it. Within about three weeks from “telling someone else and literally saying that I was giving it to the Universe”, I got a phone call to substitute as a Keynote for the CEO of a very well-known company that backed out 2+ weeks prior to a 4 day convention. This organization found me, liked my platform and booked me to open their event. I’m back in the game, yet until reading this did not realize the idea of “relaxing” about it. OUTCOME: Paid well for speaking, new exposure & new clients! Yes, I’d say I was quite RELAXED as the gig came in, I had FUN and I TRUSTED the process to say YES, without knowing exactly in advance what I was going to speak about. It all came to me though. Thanks Ann!

    • Hi Mo,
      What an amazing story! Congratulations both on your care-taking and your fabulous speaking gig. Thanks for letting me know, it’s a great story.

  4. LOVE this Ann!

    I have been on a “decluttering” frenzy the last 3 weeks – unsubscribing right and left, clearing space in every respect. I love that it’s raising my IQ and also looking forward to seeing my WQ (*Wealth Quotient) being increased exponentially!

    Did 5 strategy sessions in the last 2 days – no one was a fit! Why? Because it’s not going to be fun, funded and freeing to work with any of them at this time!

    And guess what….. I feel TOTALLY RELAXED – like hey – today is glorious and I have a business that supports me no matter what – so relaxed that when my 18 year old son spontaneously asked to be taken out for a hike up the baby mountain that’s about 45 minutes away this afternoon I went for it!
    TOTALLY WORTH IT! Spring in New England is glorious!

    Ahhhhh deep cleansing relaxing breath – seems like I have all three signs happening – thanks for articulating!

    Hearts and Flowers….. Amethyst

    • Amethyst, totally amazing! You embody all 3 signs! I look forward to your WQ being raised exponentially. Congratulations on an amazing achievement — relaxing “in a business that supports me no matter what.” Wish I could see your New England Spring! Hearts, Flowers, and a fabulous year to you. Ann

  5. Ann–
    This one speaks to the journey I have taken the last few months. I let go of the all the ways I thought I was SUPPOSED to market and created things from my heart and trusted. I am one of those hybrid people, author, healer, performer and I didn’t see how I could brand that and I kept settling for less. Instead I looked for what I loved to do and what I could create doing what I loved and I decided I wanted to help writers finish their books. My first writer’s workshop filled without me doing more than simply sending an email and posting a couple times on Facebook. Starting a second session because people wanted to be in the one that was already full. Healing clients are finding me in ways that no marketing person could map out! I’m relaxing and being me and it is so much fun! Thanks for being you! xoxo Carol

    • Carol,
      Not everyone can do what you did — letting go of all the ways you’re “supposed” to do it, and trusting your heart. I think people who navigate by the light of their heart (or heartbrain, because it is one), know a secret that the rest of the world is aching to find. You stopped settling for less, went for what you loved and look what happened! Congratulations on your two writing workshops — the first two in a series, I bet. And your healing clients who are finding you by their own North Star. I’m glad you’re having so much fun! Thanks for sharing your amazing, unfolding story. Ann

  6. Ann,

    You rock. You are the best business coach for the work from home entrepreneur. I’m gearing up to take more of your online classes this year. I love your no BS approach. I devour every word of everything you send my way and share it with others who are struggling as small business owners.

    Thank you so much.


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