5 More Amazing Techniques Showing How to Instantly Bond with VIPs

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Below are 5 more amazing stealth techniques to create an extraordinary bond in the first 5 minutes of meeting a V.I.P. you want to connect with.  These work great, not just for when you are speaking with a V.I.P.  These techniques are great, as they give you a blueprint that shows how to instantly bond with anyone.

1. Allow them to visualize working with you.  (“Let’s say you and I were working together, how would it help your process?”)

You are still keeping it as a potential.  If you have follow the script above, their defenses are lowered, and they are visualizing working with you, but not feeling sold.

2. Engage their thought process.  Do not ask a Yes or No question.

Only ask open-ended questions.  If you ask a Yes or NO question, it can shut down the conversation, or you have to dig yourself out of a conversational hole in order to keep building the relationship.  You are not going to be able to instantly bond with anyone, if they are suddenly made uncomfortable, and put under pressure to answer specific “yes” and “no” types of inquiries.

3.  Use defusion (schmoozing) and embedded commands: “I’m not saying that you and I will work together, I’m saying that if you and I were working together, for example, this is how it would go”… (establish relationship before you do this.)

What are embedded commands?
“you and I will work together”
“you and I were working together”

These are embedded commands.  They are not heard by the conscious mind, but the unconscious.  They are very effective.  And, of course, they will help you instantly bond with anyone.

You need to have a good conversation going, and a feeling of relationship, before you use embedded commands.

And defusion – we all know how to defuse.  Even if you schmooze to your dog, you’ve got schmoozing talent you probably don’t’ even know about.  Defusion is effective because you can switch to another topic, such as the room, the people, the food, the weather, what they like to do for fun, to ensure that the conversation is not salesy in any way, shape or form.


4.         Create a triple “yes” set:   You know a few secret things they were going to say yes to…

I see you as an informational resource, I know I can trust you and I know we can trust each other one this.  (You’re smart, good, and we can trust each other.)

This is a triple Yes set.


5.         Listen so that they feel listened to.  Nod, change your expression, and let them see the effect their information has on you.

Why?  Feeling listened to is so emotionally close to feeling loved that the average person can’t tell the difference.

And we’re not done!  Stay tuned for the 5 more 7 phenomenal tips on how to create an immediate and engaging relationship in the V.I.P. Series.  And remember, all of this information will help you instantly bond with anyone.


  1. As always, you are right on target, Ann! Thanks!

  2. Denise, coming from you that’s great praise. Thanks for dropping by!

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