5 Chill Pills for Smoother, Faster Success-How to Succeed In Sales

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This week’s story is about how our industry
promotes anxiety, because anxiety sells.

And it also can kill your business.

5 Chill Pills

Sherrie was a great business coach who
showed her clients how to be successful and
happy at the same time.

Personally, Sherrie was a basket case.

She knew what she had to do to run
a successful business, but a few things
got in her way.  Every day.

1.  Her inbox was filled with headlines


  • Are you panicking about money?
  • What? You’re Not on Google Hangout?
  • These 3 Keys Can Shut Down Your Business
  • Still struggling to make 6 figures?
  • Are you letting your prospects down?  Shame!

2. Sherrie was a gifted former dancer who
had global vision.  She could see her clients’
problems and solutions in a nano-second.

Problem was, she could also see every
exhausting little thing she needed to do to
uplevel her business – and she saw it all at once.

Because she was a “global,”
and that’s how globals see the world.

3. Sherrie was gifted, which means she had a
dominant right brain.

The left brain can process about 7 bits of information
per second.

The right brain can process millions.

Sherrie’s brain was literally awash in millions of bits
of data…. that she didn’t need.

4. Another habit of the right-brained is multi-taking.
Sherrie was good at answering emails while on
the phone as she stroked her cat and checked out

Multi-tasking degrades your ability to
get things done.  It’s not a cool thing to do.
It’s an addiction.

5. Sherrie answered emails.   Her anxiety
was so high by mid-afternoon that she
answered every email that came in, as
soon as it came in.

What had happened to the gifted, happy
woman who set out to change the world?

She was living with far too much anxiety
and not dealing with it well.

Anxiety it like a virus – research proves it.

You can catch it like a cold.

Marketers know this well – that’s why
those miserable subject lines are designed
to scare you into buying something,
anything! To get rid of your anxiety.

Sherrie also discovered the rules
that worked well for her type of brain.

Sherrie changed 5 habits that changed her

And cut her anxiety in half.

1. She sent all promo emails to a separate
file.  No gloom and doom every day to
amp up the anxiety.

2. She kept her business “map” where
she could see it.  So every time her
brain saw the “whole picture” of
building a multi-6 figure business,
she calmed herself by focusing on just
one step at a time.

3. She got rid of 85% of the icons on
her desktop.  She threw out everything
in her office that was old and unused.
She purged her laptop of all unused files.

Research and rumor has it that
de-cluttering raises your IQ.

Sherrie went on a “low information diet.”
She did just what she had to do for her
business, and rewarded herself at the
end of every day.

Rewarding yourself reinforces the new
habit and tells your brain, “Good girl!
Way to go!”   Our Old Brains actually
like being rewarded.

4.  Multi-tasking was hard but Sherrie
conquered it.  She used a timer, and gave
herself 15-30 minutes per task, with no break..
Eventually she became an ace at focus,
which lowered her anxiety and
increased her business.

5. Sherrie closed her email program
and set the timer on her phone to
go off twice a day.  This was hard
at first, but after a while she began
to enjoy the control.

And the enjoyment, the new control,
the low anxiety level, conveyed itself
to her clients.

After three months of practice,
Sherrie ended up with peaceful,
productive days, and happier clients.

This was how to succeed in sales.  This was what worked for her.

She also increased her business
by 20% in 90 days.

She had hope.

If you can get your business up that far in 90 days…

It wouldn’t be so hard to ultimately double your income.

It was the first time Sherrie began
to enjoy her success.

Don’t let anxiety choke the joy
out of your days.

Or your income.

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