5 Success Secrets for the Right-Brained Only

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Happy mid-January, and I wish you all
a dash of California weather.

Actually it’s weird to be shopping for vegetables
at the farmer’s market in a tank top.

Somehow my Jersey roots say there ought
to be snow and ice, and I have to EARN
my Spring.

Having to EARN your success is one
of the best ways to sabotage yourself
in business.

If you think you need to embrace all that
drudgery, admin, and nit-picky detail
in order to justify your success – think again.

I happen to belong to the group called
“Creatives.” Some businesspeople
look down their noses at Creatives.

We’re the brilliant flakes, we don’t focus
well (says who?), we may have trouble with
math, consistency’s an issue, and
goals can make us cringe.

Well I got news for ya.

Steve Jobs was an A+ Creative,
and so is Sir Richard Branson.  A lot of
geniuses and gurus of selling techniques
are people who figured out a way to make work — work for THEM.

Just FYI: “Right brain” is really a misnomer.
Normal “beta” brains run at 16-18 revolutions
per nanosecond.

Right brains, or ADD / Creative brains,
run from 4 to 8 revolutions per nanosecond.
And the slower the brain, the faster
you think.

The only reason it’s called ADD is because it was
discovered by a psychologist. If it had been discovered
by an artist, it would be recognized as the gifted brain it is.

Here are a few tips to make work – work for you:

1. If you follow some time management
rules, you’d have every minute of your day
planned. This is hell for the Right-Brained.

HEAD’S UP: If it’s scheduled it’s
not fun. This brain actually NEEDS at least
one hour of unscheduled “noodling” time,
in order to maintain health. Per day.
So if you catch yourself staring out the
window, ditch the guilt. You’re practicing
brain health.

2. Setting Goals can be misery for the
Right-Brained. This is because goals usually
require systematic, respective steps to get there.

HEAD’S UP: Right Brains cannot bear the boredom
of repetitive tasks. This does not mean you do
not have discipline. This means your brain rebels
at bean-counting. Break your goals into 15-minute
segments, and give yourself a reward at the end.
You will accomplish so much more it will
astound you.

And you can get rid of the guilt at not having

You need to find out how your brain works,
what it wants from you, and how you can best work
together to achieve those brilliant results.

3. Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.
This is a peculiar form of purgatory for the
Right-Brained. Because you can see all the
possibilities, and because the brain refuses
to be bored, which makes you chase every
BSO you see.

This is where Right Brains fall down.
We juggle so well we keep adding more
balls until they all fall down.

HEAD’S UP: Right brains come with
an amazing ability to hyper-focus.
So finish one project at a time. The sky
will not fall if you do not finish them all
this month.

Move all unnecessary emails to another folder.
Turn off your phone.
Find a friend or coach to help you break the
email and phone and social media addiction.

Use that hyper-focus and finish the job.

Congratulate your brain. Like a 5-year-old,
it likes praise and prizes. Let it know how
well it performed and how grateful you are.

4. You’re answering emails at 2:00 a.m.

HEAD’s UP: If you do have a slow-wave
brain, according to Sherry Hardy of
Hardy Brain Training, a computer screen actually
speeds up your brain. It’s like brain heroin.

Regular beta brains can sit in front of a screen
for 6-8 hours and leave. But you get hooked.
You don’t know it, but your brain’s addicted
to the speed.

Get a greater reward for yourself (a trashy
novel, a dance class) anything that will make
you leave that screen at or before 8:00pm.

And Don’t Go Back!

5. Right Brains can hyper-focus, which
means when we’re doing something fun,
we can do it without food or water for 18 hours
straight and not notice.

HEADS’ UP: You may be low in
Executive Functioning skills. This means
you have trouble finishing one short task
and moving to the next immediately.

Others call us inefficient.
We call it bored.

HEAD’S UP: Enlist your brain.
Give yourself 15 minutes
max to finish one part of a task,
and make sure you build in a reward.
Otherwise it won’t work.

You may not think you can hop from one task to
another, but you can do it if it’s a game to your brain.

Realize that you have an extremely gifted brain,
and like Sir Richard Branson, you need to get creative and
make your work life work for you.

Everyone else’s well-meaning advice won’t cut it.

Make it fun, stimulating, and endlessly rewarding.
Build in at least 10 small juicy rewards per day.

And watch your results begin to soar.

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