7 Thoughts That Speed Up Your Success

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Recently I spent the weekend at a Big Name event in Las Vegas.

It was fantastic.

And I noticed something peculiar when talking to dozens of entrepreneurs.

Some tell me what they do.

Others tell me they have a company.

The ones who tell me what they do – “I empower women to release their doubt and achieve the impossible”  don’t talk about marketing, sales, or numbers.

The ones who tell me they have a company talk about their sales, their growth, and their goals.

The secret problem with loving what you do is that you may never really build a solid business around it.

And get successful.

Here are 7 Thoughts that will speed up your success, right now.

1.   “I’ll be successful when…”


Say “I am successful now.”  Do you know that?
If you are still waiting for the “feeling” of success, in order to go ahead and be successful, you will wait forever.  Stop waiting.
Practice feeling it now.  Until it’s second nature.

2. “If I’m successful, no one will come along and take care of me…”


“I take beautiful care of myself.”
When you learn to take care of yourself, in every area of your life, you will attract people who will astonish you, and you will no longer be using relationships as excuses not to be successful.

3. “I want to be wealthy but I just can’t see how.”


“I am wealthy.  The money will start to show up in (You set the date) ten months.” Do this: Describe how you learned to be wealthy.  Tell a friend, in detail, what being wealthy has taught you.  Watch what happens to your energy.

4. “If I’m really focused on money and numbers, I won’t be spiritual, or I won’t be a real artist.”


Shakespeare was a superb businessman who ended up the wealthiest man in Stratford.  Mozart was the first “freelance” musician. TS Elliott was a banker.
Picasso was a superb businessman, as are Oprah,  Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie. God is in the numbers, too.  And the spreadsheets.

5.  “I’ve never been good at marketing/money/business but I know I have a fabulous future ahead.”


“In spite of all my thoughts to the contrary, I am a whiz at money management, and I love business because I make it work for me.”
You’re not living here, in the present.  You’re living in the past or some hazy future.  You can’t take any action unless you are present. You cannot attract the people you need to be successful if you are living in the past.  Or a vague, dreamy future. Spend one week not referring to your past, at all.

6.  “In order to be successful I have to get up earlier and I have to work smarter and I have to, have to, have to…”


“I stayed up til midnight preparing that speech, my investments are spiking, things are popping.  I’m tired but excited. It is what it is.”
The Victim wants you to stay with her, where you don’t “have to “ do all that exhausting stuff to be successful. She’ll hold your hand, massage your back and make you feel good.  She just doesn’t want you to leave.   You can’t take her with you. Start saying “I get to” not “I have to.”

7. “I know I have a big vision inside because everyone in my class sees it and I get thrilled just thinking about it.”


“I am halfway to my goal of a published book and speaking career and I can see the finish line.”
Where are you getting gratification right now?
A special class?  Your clients maybe?  Your partner, friends?  If you are getting secret gratification here, you won’t seek it elsewhere.  It doesn’t feel like success, but “it’ll do.”  Let go of your secret applause. Seek the real thing.

8.  BONUS!  “People tell me I have brilliant gifts but I just can’t seem to get it all together and make real money…”


Either you need a good coach, or you are putting your ladder against the wrong mountain. If your heart is not in what you are doing, you will never reach the success you desire.  Did you know you have a heart brain?  You do. What does your heart brain say about your life, right now?  How about following its advice for 7 days?


  1. All very good points. The top 3 for me are 1) “I get to” not “I have to.” 2) Letting go of the secret applause. 3) Heart Brain, I agree with the concept but feel threatened by potentially having to start a new business. The Ball is once again in my court. :-)
    The work you do and insights you share are truly beneficial to those who act on them. On behalf of most of your readers . . Thank you !

  2. Hi Thomas– letting go of secret applause is one of the subtler ways to start moving faster. Let me know how the Heart Brain is wielding its influence :-) Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments.

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