I Bet You Don’t Have Time To Read This (Or to Double Your Income)

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Hammock“I don’t have time.”
“A day off? Are you kidding?”
“I can give you 5 minutes.”

Years ago, I used to say these things.
Looking at them now horrifies me.

What kind of person “has no time”?

Someone who believes in lack,
in poverty consciousness.

Someone who’s kidding themselves.

Someone who wants to know how to double your income-

but has no idea that “having no time” is a surefire way to make that NOT happen.

We think of “time is money” or
“I don’t have enough time in my life.”

In a way, your time is your life.

What did you do for the last 8 hours?

Was it worth it?
Was it worth your life?

Here’s what No Time really means,
and how to get it back.

1. Trust

“I need that traffic program!”
“And that Facebook Ad course!”
“And that JV course! OMG It’s closing at midnight!”

Maybe you do need them, but you don’t
need them all at once.

Those programs will all come around
again. Needing it all now means you don’t
trust that what you want will be there
when you need it.

When you trust in the universe, or whoever
guides you, you trust that when you need something,
it will be there for you. Or you will find it quickly.
And because you trust, you do find it.

With trust and calm on the inside, amazing opportunities
appear on the outside.

This means you let go of that crawling urgency in
your gut that tells you need that cool program
now. Or you need a new client yesterday.

Yes, it can leave you hanging out there in freaky anxiety.
You may go a little nuts for a week or two.

Because secretly, you thought that cool new program
would save you. It won’t.

Because if you need to be saved, you will always need to
be saved. It’s your unconscious default.

That’s why trust is the beginning of a whole different business.
It was for me. Trust leaves you calm, supported and believing
that what you need will be there, when you need it.

Your behavior will be very, very different depending
on which attitude you choose.

So will your business.

Multi-Tasking? Not!

Now if you do buy all those courses and
take them all at once, you’re multi-tasking.
And kidding yourself.

“People can’t multitask very well, and when people
say they can, they’re deluding themselves,” says MIT
neuroscientist Earl Miller. “The brain is very good
at deluding itself.”*

Researchers say they can actually see the brain struggling
while you multi-task.

Multi-tasking keeps you out of trust.
You feel in control because you’re so busy.
You’re actually out of control.
Frenzy inside creates frenzy outside.

Try Trust. It’s a lot easier.

2. Faith

“I have to make my money now!”
“I’m too old to waste a minute!”

You’re squeezing your life to death.
If you have to get it all done now,
then you have no faith in the future.

Actually, there is no future.
All those baby steps you’re taking
right now are your future.

Do you ever think –
“How did it get to be December?!”

Give your life room to breathe.

Taking baby steps is faith.
Giant leaps, huge shifts, yes! they can definitely happen.

But they usually happen to people who
Take baby steps every day.

Baby steps grow your faith.
And faith gets rewarded. Always.

How? You will make more money, and
you will live to enjoy it.

Note: If you cannot neurologically
slow down, your brain needs help.
Meditation and brain entrainment
are two ideas.

3. Love

“I can meet you for coffee, but not dinner.”

Too busy for friends?
If dinner with friends is just another
item on your to-do list, newsflash:

You are moving too fast to
achieve what you want.

College presidents are told to be good
to their A students, because this group will
become future professors.

And be good to their C students, because
this group – the C students –
the ones who took time for partying and
sports and extra-curriculars –

will become their biggest donors.

Got that?

If you are not taking time for friends,
you are not taking time for yourself.
You’re co-starring in your own life.

And losing money.

Want a thrilling, successful business?

Want to be able to double your income?

Keep the love in your life alive.

When you do, you will often find that
“the slower you take it, the faster it comes.”

You’ll get there faster and enjoy the ride.

*Excerpt From Think You’re Multi-tasking? Think Again.
By Jon Hamilton

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