9 Steps to Become a Thought Leader – And a Media Darling

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Become a thought leader.

So many people call themselves thought leaders…
and they’re not.

Here is a map of how to do it the right way from my close colleague and friend, and guest blogger, Susan Harrow.

1. Cultivate an opinion. Thought leaders have opinions. They shape a story. They position facts in a context. They make statistics come alive by interpreting them. We value people who give us perspective on things that matter most in our culture today.

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and their first woman to sit on their board, said of the differences about how men and women respond to taking credit for their success, “If you ask men why they did a good job, they’ll say, ‘I’m awesome. Obviously. Why are you even asking?’ If you ask women why they did a good job, what they’ll say is someone helped them, they got lucky, they worked really hard.”

To follow her lead take a look at your field or industry and find something that irks or inspires you and start to formulate some opinions about it. Then put those thoughts into a press release.

Folk singer Joan Baez said, “I’ve never had a humble opinion. If you’ve got an opinion, why be humble about it?” Thought leaders aren’t afraid to voice a strong opinion. The media seek guests who have opinions that help us ponder what’s important.


2. Make a prediction.  Can you see the future? Look into your private crystal ball and share it in a press release. Ten years ago I told my literary agent that getting on TV and grasping at fame was going to become a national obsession. I wrote up a book proposal about how to get on TV, supplied anecdotes from my own experience as a publicist and media coach, and gathered statistics to show that this was going to be a hot new trend. He pitched my idea to all the top New York publishing houses.

Alas, the traditional book industry didn’t buy it. It was too far ahead of its time. But guess what? Didn’t that prediction come true? Practically everyone is now scrabbling for his 15 seconds of fame. New reality TV shows are popping up every year. The Fishbowl Effect has become our current reality where your iPhone video can make national news.

Know that when you make a prediction you’re intrinsically ahead of your time – and most likely will get disapproval and pushback. No worries. Time will bear you out. The important thing is to stand by your word, continue to accumulate evidence and keep touting your prediction during your media appearances.


3. Shape thinking. Keep up on current events. Thought leaders can comment on national radio and TV on events as they happen. They are the first people the media call to put a story in perspective, to help shape thinking. They are often the people who pose the questions to ponder. They don’t necessarily have all the answers. What they have is a point of view that helps others to consider consequences, options, and directions to difficult or perplexing problems.

Robert Reich, professor of public policy at UC Berkeley, often comments on political and social problems such as how public higher education is being starved which will result in a shrinking middle class. His clearly expressed and statistically well-supported opinions are regularly heard on MSNBC and NPR. He’s a great example of someone who is personal, energetic, and captivating. I’m particularly endeared by how he bounces up when he can’t contain his energy as he delivers his message.

Your delivery and demeanor is every bit as important as the words you speak and can influence people subconsciously. Thought leaders are aware of how they are being perceived and work on refining their inner consciousness and outer appearance. How can you start to shape a conversation that’s at the heart of your business or industry and at the same time reflect who you are and what you think?


4. Have a philosophy.
Have you noticed how many people have written a manifesto? It’s kind of becoming de rigueur. But many aren’t worth reading. They are trite or light. Your audience wants to know not only what you believe, but what you believe in. They want a philosophy that dives into their deepest longings — things that they feel that haven’t been expressed directly in a way that they can understand.

Manifestos are a sort of formalized philosophy. Wikipedia defines philosophy as “In more casual speech, by extension, ‘philosophy’ can refer to “the most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group”.

I love TED favorite Brene Brown’s The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto, her leadership manifesto and my friend, photographer/writer Andrea Scher’s Superhero Manifesto. They are heartfelt, revere beauty and are holy without pretention.

During every media appearance you want to make sure that your philosophy comes through loud and clear in a story, vignette or example so your audience has a sense of who you are. One of my favorite sayings is by Gandhi, “My life is my message.”

When everything you do, say, are and think from your words to your website is in alignment then you’re completely congruent and your life becomes your message. This is what I have my clients and sound bite course participants put into practice before ever sending a press release out to the media. Often publicity hopefuls want to rush their offer to the media before all the pieces are in place. And that’s a big mistake. A reputation is easy to ruin and hard to regain.

In her media appearance on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, Brene Brown told a story about her daughter, Ellen. To my best recollection she said that Ellen’s teacher called her up to tell her she could tell whose daughter Ellen was by how she handled an incident in art class. As I remember it the teacher said, “You’re messy.” Ellen sat up straight and said, “No, I’m not messy. I’ve just made a mess.”

Brown told this story to illustrate a point about self-talk and not calling ourselves names or saying derogatory things about the core of us, but to focus on behavior instead of being. It shows you that Brown is walking her talk by transmitting her values and behaviors to her daughter and it gives you a sense of who she is. Your philosophy should shine through your stories in a natural way in every media appearance.


5. Spearhead a movement.  My client, journalist and author David Sheff who wrote the #1 New York Times best-selling book Beautiful Boy, just wrote his second book called Clean, Overcoming Addiction and Ending America’s Greatest Tragedy. The title itself is an opinion. Sheff thinks that addiction is the worst problem in the U.S. today. You can tell immediately that he’s serious about this topic and wants to make an impact on this epidemic.

On his website he has a link to sign a petition to send to President Obama to end the war on drubs and declare war on addiction. Right next to that he has a link to an organization called Brian’s Wish to pull people together into a national movement to end addiction.

Sheff believes that we’re fighting the wrong war and he is making his opinion known – backed with five years of research and facts.

He’s just started his book tour and has already been on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, NPR’s Fresh Air and Weekend Edition to discuss his views and to shift American opinion with the facts, stories and statistics in his book, speeches, and media appearances.

I media trained him to insure that he incorporated his most important points into every interview since he especially wanted to talk about this new movement.

We also wanted to make sure he could stand firm on his controversial beliefs when challenged. We practiced worst-case scenario questions and surprise ones too so he could maintain his equanimity and stay on point during each media appearance.

The media is interested in people who have inspired a movement. It shows that the topic has enduring value and interest if a substantial number of people have joined it. Spearheading a movement is so much more interesting than just claiming you have a big following. A movement shifts thought into action to create real and lasting change.


6. Be controversial.  Another client of mine, Dr. Sara Gottfried, a Harvard trained integrative physician, science nerd, yogini and author of the New York Times best-seller The Hormone Cure, speaks out on the overuse of pharmaceuticals for peri-menopausal and menopausal women. She says of women dealing with hormonal issues such as depression, lack of sleep, weight gain, mind fog, low sex drive, “You won’t find the answer in the bottom of a pill bottle.”

Gottfried takes a stand against the practice many physicians have to medicate their patients to appease the problem without seeking the core issue or root cause that’s the source of the complaint. Instead she advocates lifestyle shifts: “How to think, eat, move and supplement.”

Once you take a strong stance you can expect to be pitted against someone with the opposite view during your radio or TV interviews – because friction makes for good TV. Audiences love to see people pitted against each other because sparks fly and unexpected things happen — which equal good ratings.

If you want to be controversial you also need to be prepared to be challenged and able to stay on message with equanimity and grace no matter how forceful or hostile the host or other guests become.


7. Play both sides.  While you can choose to be controversial, you can also choose to appoint yourself the voice of reason and examine both sides of an issue. Susan Freinkel, a journalist who wrote the book, Plastic: a Toxic Love Story, began an experiment that turned into an investigation of how plastic affects our behavior, our environment and our lives. The premise: To go one day without touching anything plastic. What she discovered?  It was impossible — starting with her toothbrush and toilet.

Instead of taking one side to the story – plastic is evil. She explored how plastic is both a boon and a bane to the way we live in a New York Times Op Ed piece. In one sentence she played both sides of the topic: “In other words, plastics aren’t necessarily bad for the environment; it’s the way we tend to make and use them that’s the problem.” Op Ed pages thrive on people who take a strong stand on one side of an issue as well as those who can shed light on both sides in an intelligent, thoughtful or provocative way.

On Fresh Air, she discussed both sides of this fiery debate with a level head. In other media appearances she backed up her findings with solid statistics and also by moving fascinating facts into the conversation like: “The average person is never more than three feet from something made of plastic.” And, “In 1960, the average American consumed 30 pounds of plastics a year. Today, just 50 years later, Americans consume on average 300 pounds a year.” Here is something a bit startling: “Just because a plastic is made of plants doesn’t make it ‘green.’”

By moderating the positives and negatives, by sharing information not widely known and educating us, and by using stories and statistics, you can become a trusted neutral source for change.


8. Coin a term.  During her appearance on The Ricki Lake show Dr. Sara Gottfried reached into her prop basket and pulled out a gleaming diamond Tiara, put it on her head and offered it to Lake, who said she didn’t want to take it off. Gottfried called taking uninterrupted time for yourself, Tiara Time.™ It’s catchy and easy to remember. Can’t you just imagine saying to your BFF, “I need some Tiara Time™ right NOW.”


9. Declare your vision.
Your vision is how you see the world in the future. It’s what you’re aspiring to in the big picture. It incorporates how you are going to serve. For example, I’d like to see Aikido, a type of Japanese Martial Arts, which I’ve been training in for four years, incorporated into every school in the world.

The principles of Aikido, The Way of Harmony, work as a way to polish the spirit, to turn lead into gold. The founder, Morihei Ueshiba says, “True victory is self-victory; let that day arrive quickly!” I believe that, through this practice we can eradicate bullying and practice respect, compassion, and self-mastery on a daily basis in our hearts, homes, schools, and communities.

Declaring your vision during a media interview moves it out in a big way into the public eye. Not only have you taken a stand but you give thousands or millions of people a chance to take a stand with you. That in itself creates powerful change.

The point of being a thought leader isn’t just to get more media appearances, more sales, more followers, or more money. It’s an opportunity to make great shifts inside yourself and out in the world. So if you aspire to taking yourself and your business forward in small or big ways, then focus on these seven things. And even if it isn’t in your nature to be on national TV or to gain an international platform, just pondering these points will give you clarity for your business as you grow and change.

Are you a thought leader? Tell us why.


Susan Harrow is a top media coach, PR expert & author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins). For 24 years she’s worked with clients like rock stars and celebrity chefs to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, as well as entrepreneurs, authors, coaches, consultants, and speakers. She shows her clients and course participants how to double or triple their business with PR by using sound bites effectively.



Whether you want to be a thought leader, a celebrity in your niche, or just get more clients, customers and sales, you’re invited to a FREE webinar that will show you how to double your business in 90 days using Susan’s amazing short-cuts. Register now (It’s free!)

5 More Amazing Techniques Showing How to Instantly Bond with VIPs

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Warren Buffet For Blog













Below are 5 more amazing stealth techniques to create an extraordinary bond in the first 5 minutes of meeting a V.I.P. you want to connect with.  These work great, not just for when you are speaking with a V.I.P.  These techniques are great, as they give you a blueprint that shows how to instantly bond with anyone.

1. Allow them to visualize working with you.  (“Let’s say you and I were working together, how would it help your process?”)

You are still keeping it as a potential.  If you have follow the script above, their defenses are lowered, and they are visualizing working with you, but not feeling sold.

2. Engage their thought process.  Do not ask a Yes or No question.

Only ask open-ended questions.  If you ask a Yes or NO question, it can shut down the conversation, or you have to dig yourself out of a conversational hole in order to keep building the relationship.  You are not going to be able to instantly bond with anyone, if they are suddenly made uncomfortable, and put under pressure to answer specific “yes” and “no” types of inquiries.

3.  Use defusion (schmoozing) and embedded commands: “I’m not saying that you and I will work together, I’m saying that if you and I were working together, for example, this is how it would go”… (establish relationship before you do this.)

What are embedded commands?
“you and I will work together”
“you and I were working together”

These are embedded commands.  They are not heard by the conscious mind, but the unconscious.  They are very effective.  And, of course, they will help you instantly bond with anyone.

You need to have a good conversation going, and a feeling of relationship, before you use embedded commands.

And defusion – we all know how to defuse.  Even if you schmooze to your dog, you’ve got schmoozing talent you probably don’t’ even know about.  Defusion is effective because you can switch to another topic, such as the room, the people, the food, the weather, what they like to do for fun, to ensure that the conversation is not salesy in any way, shape or form.


4.         Create a triple “yes” set:   You know a few secret things they were going to say yes to…

I see you as an informational resource, I know I can trust you and I know we can trust each other one this.  (You’re smart, good, and we can trust each other.)

This is a triple Yes set.


5.         Listen so that they feel listened to.  Nod, change your expression, and let them see the effect their information has on you.

Why?  Feeling listened to is so emotionally close to feeling loved that the average person can’t tell the difference.

And we’re not done!  Stay tuned for the 5 more 7 phenomenal tips on how to create an immediate and engaging relationship in the V.I.P. Series.  And remember, all of this information will help you instantly bond with anyone.

How to Bond with a V.I.P. -Targeting is Key

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Christy Turlington 5
















What do you do when you meet a V.I.P.? Networking can be nerve-wracking enough without getting dry-mouth when you meet a V.I.P. you’d love to work with. On or off-line.

Below are 5 amazing stealth techniques to create an extraordinary bond in the first 5 minutes of meeting a V.I.P. you want to connect with.


1.  Do not treat your prospect as an institution – Especially if they’re beautiful or rich


Oprah used to complain about being treated as an ATM machine.


Research shows there are two human conditions that are never listened to: people with great beauty or mone.y.  Beautiful and/or wealthy individuals complain of not being listened to – because the beauty or the money freezes most people dead in their tracks.

So… don’t treat them like institutions.

They get bored fast.

To sincerely not care about the beauty or the money, go through a mental list of all the things they don’t know.


For example, they don’t know how to orbit space, win the Nobel     Prize, make shoofly pie, win a Gold Medal at the Olympics, etc.  Repeat this until your awe melts down.




2. All interactions work best as an education process.

This instantly changes the energy of the situation – it takes away any element of sale.

Either you’re looking for the education or you’re giving the education. In the case of a V.I.P., you’re looking for it.

Targeting is key.  If possible, you want to find a person you can add value to, so you need an understanding what their needs are.

3. Say you’re seeking advice.  Phrase it like this: 

“I want to find out from someone in your position what I can do to help them and also how I can make my own services, my offer, better.”

“I’m looking for somebody.”  Not “you.”  Somebody.

See the importance of carefully selecting, and targeting, your words?

 4. Keep it in third person. 

Use defusion:  “I’ve got this opportunity and I’m looking for someone…”

You aren’t saying “I want a relationship with you.”  You are saying, “I want a relationship with somebody.”

Then say, “I’m looking for 8 minutes of mentorship – to make it easy, let’s say you and I are working together, how would my service help?”

In their head, they have to visualize working with you, and it going well, but they don’t have their defenses up because you’re not selling them.  You’re asking for education and you’re selling their peer or their friend, not them.

5. Find out how you can help them.  This is critical. 

How can you contribute to Richard Branson’s favorite charity? What introduction would Oprah love to have?  Who do you know who could help them, or their family or favorite cause?

You would be amazed at the value you can add to someone’s life. You just need to make sure you’re describing what you do in the right way, and targeting your words to accurately describe to them how what you do can help them.

Just ask.

We’re not done!  Stay tuned for 5 more techniques in the V.I.P. Series.

9 Secrets to Mesmerizing Presence

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It’s gorgeous back here in Bucks County with the
snow on the ground and the pale white-breasted hawks
hunting in the woods.

They are so stunning I can’t take my eyes off them.

Would you like to be that stunning?

Would you like to be yourself, be successful, and be that stunning?

Here are 9 secrets to Mesmerizing Presence
(and a few more).

How many of them are yours?

  1. Audrey HepburnPick the person whose presence you most admire.  Imitate them shamelessly.  Adapt their style to yours.
  2. Read “You Are the Message” by Roger Ailes.
  3. Develop the ability to make the person you are talking to feel like the most fascinating person in the world (this is huge.)
  4. Move from your hara, near your navel.  Don’t move from your head or neck or upper chest.  Carry your energy in the center.
  5. Practice talking as if you were telling stories to 8-year-olds.  This will blow your mind.
  6. Develop “elegant refusal.”  The ability to hold back, not say everything, keep your own counsel.
  7. Radiate joy.  Radiate comfort — the secret to charisma.  You are the same in front of Vladimir Putin as you are in front of your nieces and nephews.
  8. Take a dozen ballet lessons.
  9. Be 100% present (duh) but this is hard to do.  We all live in the past or the future.  Few are fully present.
  10. Bonus Point:  Practice feeling your entire body, develop proprioceptive awareness.


  1. Be astonishingly grateful.
  2. Let go of being special.  (Does not contradict above.  See bio of Audrey Hepburn.)  Few people can actually do this, and it is radiant.
  3. Set RADICALLY firm boundaries.
  4. Never explain, never complain.
  5. Know you are loved.
  6. Find peace and live there as often as possible.
  7. Find something lovable about everyone you meet, no matter how tiny the detail.  You don’t have to tell them.  Just find it.


May your holidays be merry and mesmerizing!

3 Surprising Secrets to an Unforgettable You

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How unforgettable are you?

What do you do to stand out in your crowd?

Here are three surprising secrets to an unforgettable You.



MadonnaMadonna doesn’t identify with Madonna.  She works for her.

(Remember Madonna was studied at
Harvard Business School as a brilliant marketer.

Marilyn Monroe was walking down 42nd St.
huddled against the rain, when a friend
mentioned her latest movie.

“Oh,” she said, “you want to see Her?”
And without changing a thing, this
wet bedraggled woman turned It on.

Within minutes she was in a stampede.


Just the opposite.

It means bringing out that huge, authentic,
possibly wild self inside, and turning up the heat to a “10.”

This huge, charismatic self is your persona.

This is not a facade.  It’s being YOU, on purpose.

It’s not the you that guzzles coffee in your pj’s.

It is the you that lights up a crowd
because you’re so definite, so real, and so powerful,
that you turn heads as you pass.

So who are you?

A leader, artist, rebel, teacher, thought leader,
guide, a safety net, a best friend, a cheerleader,
the Guy or Gal on speed-dial, the Golden Girl
or Guy?

If you think you can’t share your private story,
think again.

If you’re a coach, expert, or any kind of leader,
your real story – yes, that one – will draw
people to you in a way that nothing else can.

And it’s the rocket fuel that can push your
business through the roof.



These Branding Tips might surprise you, but they work:

What gives you an edge?

Push it.

What opinion do you wish you could share,
but it might scare people away?
Share it.

What about you bothers some people?
Bring it on.

Do not be afraid to turn some people off.
You will turn the right ones on.

Suzanne Evans is constantly offered diet plans.
“Fat is part of my brand!” she yells.
“When I want a diet I’ll get one!”

Are you trying to be all things to all people?
Stop it.  You’re a wallflower.

What clothes define the most powerful you?
Wear them.

Does something piss you off?
Let us know.

Are you afraid of your own power?
Test your limits.

Do know you know you have to work on
your brand?  It doesn’t just “happen.”

What’s the point of all this?

If you’re not leading, you’re chasing.
Stop chasing.  It’s a treadmill.

stevejobsApple chased Microsoft for 20 years.
Few people wanted Cool Computers in the 80s.

But when the market wanted cool phones and ipads?Apple’s core genius stuck gold.  And they exploded.

By the way, Steve Jobs was one of the
Brilliant few who made the message
as important as the product.

That’s Brand Genius.



Really make them feel.
So they can’t get enough of You.

Give them that real, authentic story
you think no one wants to hear..

Your market is waiting for you to
pick up that torch.

It’s your turn in the spotlight.

Take it.

* * *

Six stand-out brands:








2 Keys to Becoming an Unforgettable Brand

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” –Maya Angelou

Not only is this at the heart of all relationships, of great speaking, and chance encounters…

How you make people feel is the heart of great marketing.

[Read more…]

The Miracle of Packaging an Offer

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packagingClaire was a “best-kept secret.”

When she worked her magic on her client’s marketing materials… they began to make tens of thousands,
sometimes several hundred thousand, in extra income.

“So why don’t I have a bigger business?” she sighed.

“I make money for everyone but me!”

Claire was ignoring two big holes in her own business.

  1. She wasn’t making clear offers.
  2. She wasn’t packaging her offers.

Claire offered teleseminars, workshops, she took personal clients for 8 sessions. She even spoke frequently.

But no one really “got” Claire’s gifts until they worked with her.

And no one “got” that Claire had more than a workshop or a teleseminar to offer.

So why was Claire hiding in the “Offer Closet”?

  1. She did not take the time to write an exact, sexy, tantalizing offer for her market.
    (How much time does it take? About an HOUR.)
  2. She did not offer packages so that people knew WHAT and HOW to buy from her.
    (How much time does it take to create a package? About an HOUR.)
  3. Deep down, Claire did not feel as if she had much more to offer.
  4. Deep down, Claire loved what she did so much she would have done it for free, and often did.
  5. Deep down, Claire had no idea where she’d find clients who’d pay her what she was worth.
  6. Deep down, Claire wasn’t sure how to answer this important question- what is branding?

Finally, she figured out the right way to package her offers, and brand herself.

It was after one of her clients told her outright:

“I’d have paid you a thousand a month for a year if you’d only offered a program after your teleseminar.”

The restaurant was open, but Claire wasn’t on the menu.

Here’s what happened when she decided to go for it:

Claire Before:
“I help professionals redefine their marketing so they attract up to twice the business.”

Claire After: 
“Before I worked with Jack, he and his team were doing $2 Million in sales at a Fortune 100. Six months later, they made $10 Million.”

Next, Claire sat down and sketched out 3 programs in which she redesigned her client’s marketing top to bottom.

It took her an hour.

Later that week a prospect called and said, “How do I work with you?”

Claire said, “I have a 3-month program for $11,000, a 6-month program for 17,000, and a 12-month program for $27,000.”

And she described the results he would get in each one – in tantalizing detail.

The man replied, “Wow, I didn’t know it was that much. I want the $27,000 program. I’ll have to take out a loan. When do we start?”

This is a true story.

Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Are you hiding in the Offer Closet?

  • Is it crystal clear what amazing results people get when they work with you?
  • Have you clearly designed programs for each level of participation?
  • Is there a huge program you “could” offer but you think it’s impossible to fill?

What’s stopping you?

Create the offer, create the programs, GET PREPARED, and they will find you.


Because the whole energy of your business will change.

People will feel it.

And “Luck” happens when Preparation meets Opportunity.

Try it. It works!

3 Signs You’re About to Make More Money

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EconomyI don’t have to tell you that all of us would love to make more money

The problem is, so many times we change course, almost at the precise instant when the money is about to come in.

So how do you know when you’re getting warm, and the money river is about to cascade through your door?

My friend Dina had been plugging away at her business for 4 years.

All of a sudden, she had a breakthrough.

She started to make almost twice the income.

“I can’t believe this!,” She said.  “It’s wonderful, but it came out of nowhere.”

Not really.

There are actually three signs, subtle but real, that you’re about to make more money.

It happened to me last year, and I noticed the difference in ME “before and after.”

Here are three surefire signs….



You’re surprised.

You find yourself actually getting excited about a part of your business you’ve been ignoring.

All of a sudden, the idea of one-on-one clients is really cool, it feels good.

Or launching a weekend and selling high-end packages sounds more exciting than a trip to Paris.

Or you really like blogging, who knew?

Or you’re a natural on video.

Or you just found out how to automate part of your coaching, so you’re shocked you’ve now got 30 free hours a month.



9 out of 10 people who make a big shift and start to make more money, have had some kind of personal experience that leaves them deeply relaxed.

All of a sudden, selling clients into your programs is actually easy. You don’t take everyone. You enjoy the ones you do sign.

Selling High-End packages and doubling your income in a weekend leaves you jazzed and full of energy. Not overwhelmed and crazy.

When you blog, you sound like yourself.  You find you’ve got a lot to say.  Readers respond to you differently.

All of a sudden, making videos is a breeze.  You’re so relaxed in front of the camera. People relate to it. You get tons of views.

You’ve got free time! You don’t fritter it away. You work on a Big Dream. You feel an amazing sense of accomplishment.


3. FUN

This is the secret sauce.

You’ve re-discovered something in your business you really, really like.  And it’s fun.

This is closely related to the surprise.

One-on-one clients feel good, it’s fun. Wow!  How do you get more? (Speak.  Hold Preview calls)

A weekend selling high-end packages is an amazing idea – you could make a year’s income in three days. Where do you start?  (Call Sponsors. Promote 6 months ahead.)

Blogging is cool. Now how do you get 5,000 readers in the next 4 months? (Work your tail off and guest blog)

Video is fun, you’re having a blast. Now how can you get a devoted fan base? (Drip a 1-minute video twice a week – everywhere..)

Half your coaching programs are now automated!

What do you do with all this free time?

(Double your client base, write a book, dust off your Big Dream)

“Fun” it’s not a business concept That we usually think about.

Is it?

Do you?

The truth is, relaxation comes before fun..

But you won’t notice it until you’re actually having fun.

And the reason these are signs you’re about to make more money is simple.

Enjoying what you do again is a powerful engine that will pull you forward, effortlessly.

If you have any of these three signs happening in your business, look for the other two.

You’re about to make a financial leap.


Did you Burn that 100 Dollar Bill?

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Screen shot 2013-04-20 at 12.40.04 PMYou didn’t, did you?

Of course not.

Yet how much extra time do you give clients?

Spend on Facebook?

“Tackle that email” first, instead of your VIP project?

If you answered yes, you’re burning up $100 bills every day.

Last time we talked about being in business to be liked.

As long as you have a business mentor who keeps you on track – you’ll be OK.

If you don’t, here are 5 more tools that will help you stay liked and stay solvent.

1.  Raise your Rates.  You don’t have to tell me how much you’re charging.  I know it’s not enough. Practice saying the new rate out loud, to friends, until your voice doesn’t wobble. A colleague was in a $10K sales mastermind in Spain.  You know what they told him? “If they don’t throw you out of the office, you’re not asking enough.”

1A.  You know why the gurus charge $22K an hour? Protection. If they didn’t, they’d be mobbed. Good fences make good neighbors. The right rates keep you prosperous, and bring the right people.

2. Don’t mistake business for friendship. In these days of “relationship marketing.” It’s easy to make that mistake. Especially for women. Joanne, a coach, realized she was treating all her clients like houseguests, catering to their every need. When she realized she’d rather be respected first, and “liked” second, she eventually had a whole new business. Spell out exactly what you will do in your contract, and have a phrase ready for every boundary you set. Keep it in the THIRD PERSON. “There are 2 sessions per month and one group call.  There is no roll-over.” “The fee is $1,200 a month.” Not “my fee” but “the fee”. “It’s 10 minutes to the hour. Time to recap.”

3. Protect Yourself. Clients don’t mean to be grabby.  They’ll just take what you’ll give. Remember Carol King? “They’ll take your soul if you let them. So don’t you let them.”

4.  Create excellent packages with mouth-watering names so people clearly know how to work with you. If you are hiding behind unclear or unappealing packages, you are hiding. Stand out.  Name those packages. Make future clients feel comfortable and welcome.

5.  You have too many things on your to-do list and no time to build your business. I am quoting Eben Pagen, whom I admire, when I say that it’s not time management you need, it’s Energy Management. You are giving your all to the trivial stuff. It’s maddening. Take your laptop to a café to work on your most important project – the one that will bring you more business. Dis-able your email and turn off your phone. You know how good it feels when you throw out 10 lbs. of old files? Amazing, right? That’s how you need to feel – every day. That’s when your business will soar. That’s Energy Management.

Once again, you can have a good time, you can have wonderful clients, and you can make a lot of money.

There’s a light at the end of your tunnel.


2 spots just opened up in the Private Fast Track Program for entrepreneurs who want to reach that light this year.   Contact me if you know that’s you.

Want the Real Secrets of a Super Star? Ask Will Smith

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FILM Smith 1Years ago, Will Smith was doing OK as a rising TV star and movie actor.

But he was dead clear about his goal: he wanted to be the biggest movie star in the world.

So he and his manager studied the 10 top-grossing movies of all time.

10 out of 10 had special effects. 9 out of 10 had special effects with creatures. 8 out of 10 had special effects with creatures and a love story.

They found the sweet spot in the market.

So they found a special effects script with creatures and a love story.

Matthew Perry dropped out of “Independence Day” at the last minute, and Smith was in.

It was the highest grossing movie of 1996.

“Men in Black” didn’t do too badly either.

By age 44, Will Smith had accrued $4.4 Billion in box office receipts.

What does this mean for you?

Will Smith’s success is no accident.  He wanted to be a super star.  So, he studied the market and made it happen.

Will Smith, and it might surprise you, Elton John, Paul McCartney, and Mick Jagger plotted their rise to the top.

If you want to go from where you are to the top of your field, take this little test:

  • Have you actually studied your rise to the top?
  • Do you have a juicy, mouth-watering vision, in living color, of what life will be like when you get there?
  • Do you know what the sweet spot is in your market?
  • Do you know what your market craves and can’t get enough of?
  • Do you what draws people to you and makes them want you, you, you?
  • Do you know how to create that? Think Will Smith.  Bruce Willis.  Tom Cruise. Their star power is not an “accident of birth.” Smith studied every actor, like Don Cheadle,who came on “Fresh Prince” to learn the secrets of what made them good.
  • Do you study the stars in your market to see what makes them stand out?
  • Do you know how your market sees you now?
  • Do you know how to reposition yourself for amazing success?
  • Do you have a mentor who can take you there?

And by the way, you need that juicy, mouth-watering vision from the top right now.

Research proves that without a crystal clear picture of your success, you’ll never believe you can get there.

So you won’t have the motivation to get going.

So you stay where you are.

Success is not fairy dust.

It’s more than hard work.

It’s a series of deliberate, planned, calculated, shrewd moves.

If you answered “yes” to 8 out of 10 questions…

World – Stand back!

You’re on your way.


There’s 1 spot left in the Private Profit Accelerator Program for entrepreneurs who are hell-bent on reaching the top.

And finally making the money and enjoying the freedom they’ve dreamed of.

If this is you, and you’ve got butterflies just thinking about it — Good sign.

Send a quick email to annc@annconvery.com with “Ann, I’m interested” in the subject line.

I’ll send you a one-page application so we can see if you’re a good fit for this high-octane ride.