I nearly blew it last week.

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Eiffel-TowerMaybe it’s the crazy weather,
but I nearly blew it big-time last week.

I was writing emails for a big Joint Venture,
and I was thrilled with all the new stuff I had
to teach people.

Then 2 days later I re-read the email,
and said in disgust,
“Ann, head’s up. They. Don’t. Care.”

People buy Paris.

The don’t buy the plane.

Do you care what kind of nuts and bolts
are on the plane that takes you to Paris?


Yet there I was, selling them the plane –
the cool how-tos, the hidden techniques, the secret tips…

And here are the things people really want:

  • A wealthy lifestyle
  • Double my income in 12 months
  • 4-day weeks
  • 6-hour work days
  • Triple my income in 18 months

Can you promise these things?

No. But I’ve helped clients to triple their
income in 18 months.  It is certainly possible to double your income.

And, I can certainly promise
the possibility.

And I know the formula for making
a comfortable 6-figure income on 25-30
hours a week.

Arc-de-TiompheBut – these things are Paris – our real desires.

These are the reasons why people
sign up, opt in, register, and buy.

And it’s so easy to get it backwards
when you’re trying to make an offer!

I show people how to sell Paris, not the plane.

And my clients make a lot more money when they do,
Online and off.


1. It’s the only thing your audience wants.

2. And almost nobody does it – nobody offers Paris –
we all offer the plane.

Selling the plane is such a dangerous, unconscious trap.
And it’s incredibly easy to fall into.

See if you can tell the difference in these bullet points:


  • Find the Key Motivator hidden in every sales conversation,
    and land more clients instantly.
  • Ignite the desire hidden in your prospects,
    and get ready for an avalanche of business.
  • Find the secret Deal Stopper that’s keeping your prospect
    from signing and demolish their resistance in minutes

You may want to know this stuff, but deep down…is this really what you want?

Or do you really want:

  • A wealthy, laptop lifestyle
  • To increase or even double your income in months, not years.
  • To work 30 hours a week
  • A chance to double your income.

Can you see why that last list is Paris?

Can you see why you always need to include
that kind of vision in your offers?


To make sure you always put Paris in what you’re offering,
use the phrase “so that.”

“Sell your prospects like you sell your partner, your kids and you dog, so that
you sign client after client in a comfortable, stress-free style all your own.”

Check and see if you are offering what you like to offer, instead
of what your prospects are hungry for.

It can make a huge difference in your income.


  1. Great key points! I so needed this!


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