Your Money Map for 300K- How You Can Make Money

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Woman with a planI spent 3 days at Lisa Sasevich’s
“Speak to Sell” Event in Las Vegas.

It was fantastic.

Lisa is sublime at inspiration and sales.

She’s so good that many women say,
“I can tell she’s doing something
to me, I just want to do the same thing!”

Speaking of sales, do you have a
Money Map for your business?

It makes your marketing a heck of
a lot easier.

It makes you a lot more excited about
what you’re doing.

It makes you much more focused
without even trying.

Here’s what a typical Money Map
looks like:

(DIY means Do It Yourself –
meaning you’re not there for the delivery.)


Money Map
Product/Service Price Upsell Downsell Projected Monthly Sales Annual Sales
6-week DIY Class $497 $197 $197 8/mo+6 upsells=$5,158 $61,896
#2 6-week DIY Class $497 $197 $197 8/mo+4 upsells=$4,764 $57,168
Small Mastermind $4,200 16/yr $67,200
1-1 Mastery + some DIY $9,000 6/yr $54,000


This is a conservative Money Map
for a small business.

There are two hands-off self-study
courses, laden with goodies from you.

There is a small group Mastermind,
with downloaded lessons so all you
have to do is get on the phone and coach.

There is a 1-1 Mastery Coaching which
you do in person, but there are downloads
which your client works through on her own.

There is a Platinum package, in which
you work with your client exclusively.

Do you see how this focuses your

Do you see how you can make money, using these tools?

If a prospect can’t do the Platinum,
offer them the Mastery.
(But let them know nicely what
They’re missing.)

Do you see how this focuses your

Your traffic can comes from
joint ventures, Facebook ads,
embedded webinars, speaking,
and a dozen other channels.

Does this map excite you?

I certainly hope so.

If you look at it and feel

Get this:  Half of it,
once you set it up, is on

Meaning – your business is
running on systems.

Meaning – more free time
for you.

Not to mention
more money.

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