How Nordstrom can help you get more clients

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Can I brag?

We just had the first session of a class on Closing –
you know, that’s when you have a Discovery Call
or Strategy Session and you sign a $8,000 client.


So far, the reviews are:

“Great call!”
“OMG! If I had only known this 5 years ago!”

It’s fun when you discover a tool
that solves a killer problem – forever.

I don’t want to leave you hanging, so here’s a
fascinating tool from the class that will allow you
to sign more clients – maybe a lot more.

I call it the Nordstrom Personal Shopper tool.

If you are not in the States, Nordstrom
is a department store that is known for
bending over backwards in customer service.

Like many higher-end stores, they have a
Personal Shopper whose goal in life is to
find out exactly what you want and offer it to you.

What does this have to do with signing a client
on a Discovery Call?


And more to the point, how on earth can Nordstrom help you get more clients?

Scroll down for the answers you need.

1. Most people on a Discovery Call listen for a few minutes
to their Prospect’s situation, ask a few questions, then go
right into the solution.

This is one of the reasons you lose a lot of clients.

You need to know exactly why they are buying
before you can make an offer.

Without this knowledge, closing a client is iffy.

So, pretend you are buying a dress for a friend.
What would you need to know?

  • Casual, beach, business, cocktail, or formal dress?
  • Designer or off-the-rack?
  • What color?
  • What fabric?
  • Buttons?  How many?  Zipper?  Belted?
  • Floor-length, mid-calf, knee, or mini?
  • Long, 3/4, short or no sleeves?
  • Solid color or design?
  • What kind of design?
  • How do you want to feel when you wear it?
    Sexy, summery, powerful, elegant?
  • How do you want other people to see you?
    Sexy, decisive, powerful, elegant?
  • What do you want to showcase?
    Your figure, your legs, your powerful presence?
  • What do you want this dress to do for you?

OK, we’ve barely started and we’re just buying a dress.

Do you see how focused these questions are?

Do you ask at least this many questions of your Prospect?

2.  Here’s where you change the energy on the call.

After you’ve asked your questions,
tell your Prospect that you like to think of yourself
as their Personal Shopper or Head Buyer.

It’s your job to make the best buying decision for them,
whether that means working with you – or not.

When you really believe this, it will completely change the
energy of the call.

Suddenly your Prospect will see you as an equal, a
companion guide, someone they can trust.

Their wariness will disappear.  And when they are less wary, they’ll be more apt to becoming your clients.

Imagine if you knew your client’s desires and reasons so
well that you could say to them:

“OK, let me see if I’ve understood you correctly:

You want:

  • A discount designer
  • Business-casual
  • Apple-green silk dress
  • No sleeves, 6 buttons up the back
  • Mid-calf, no fabric pattern
  • and you want to feel
    Elegantly powerful
  • and you want people to see you as
    Approachable, impeccable, smart, and polished
  • You want to showcase your presence.
  • You want this dress to position you as
    Savvy, leading-edge, successful and feminine.

Have I got that right?”

Can you imagine profound relief of a Prospect who
feels that understood?  That important to you?

The change in energy is electric.

No more cautious hedging, no more wariness.

You are now both working together to see
if your solution is right for them.

And if it is, your chances of signing a new
client just went up about 50-60%.  In fact, your opportunities to get more clients just shot up.


  1. You cannot sign someone until you know their
    real reason for buying.
  2. The feeling of being listened to is so close to the
    feeling of being loved that most people can’t tell
    the difference.  (I know you don’t intend to feel loved.
    But you do intend to create a deep, bonded trust.)

Tell your next Prospect you think of yourself
as their Personal Shopper or Head Buyer, and
start closing more deals.


  1. Excellent, Ann. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi Penny– it’s great to hear from you. Thanks for dropping by.

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